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W.H.O Report

World Malaria Report 2008 and 2009

India had an estimated 10.6 million malaria cases in 2006 that account for approximately 60% of cases in the W.H.O South-East Asia Region. With over 100 million slides examined every year, all reported cases are confirmed; about half are due to P. falciparum. However, the percentage of cases detected through active versus passive surveillance is not known. The states most affected are Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Karnataka, Orissa, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Pondicherry. A survey carried out in 2005–2006 found that 36% of households owned a mosquito net. IRS has been the main method of mosquito control covering about 80 million households and protecting 40% of the population at risk. The programme delivered 8.5 million ITNs, morethan 3 million first-line treatments and 800 000 courses of ACT during 2006 and 2007. Funding increased to more than US$ 140 million in 2007, provided by government, the Global Fund and the World Bank.

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